music is stories

Music is emotion. Music is images. Music is expression. Music is paradox. Music is experience. Music is my life. 

As a composer/music producer, I tell emotional stories through organically developing musical soundscapes. I focus on texture and flow, and on exploring new sonant and dissonant depths. 

As a singer, I aim to communicate emotion through focusing on tone, resonance and flow. 

I will work in any genre, but I specialise in darker orchestral, choral and synth based soundscapes. I also make funk, jazz and groovy pop.



 Vocals (mezzo soprano)












Interactive game music:

- Vertical remixing

- Horizontal resequencing

Film music

Jingles (game audio/promo)


Dark cinematic

Peppy electronica

Jazz & funk



Tine Schenck was always a singer. She began her musical career at age 4, when she started recording children's songs on her father's stereo. She joined a children's choir and started piano lessons at 7, greatly influenced by her family. Throughout her childhood, music was everywhere., and Tine's pure joy for the process lead to her beginning to compose around age 10.

In 1995, Tine enrolled in the Oslo based Foss videreg√•ende skole's music program, where she received traning in vocals, piano, music theory, conducting, composing and arranging. 


Tine practiced music on the side for many years, singing at weddings, funerals and anniversaries. She also sang in the prestigious chamber choir Ensemble 96, various vocal groups, and conducted a smaller choir.

Throughout her life, Tine has composed and arranged music.. She has been a full time musician in 2017. She now works in Logic Pro X and writes for video games, podcasts and film/tv. She also writes songs and piano pieces. Her composition style is heavily influenced by old and new jazz, orchestral film scoring, expressionism, surrealism, Prince and her love of Nintendo games. Her main focus is storyline, harmonies and rhythmic variation.

Twitter: @tinelinen

Discord: Tinelinen#7068

Soundcloud: @tineschenck